React’s goal is always to support children in the most culturally sensitive way possible given their unique situations. By preferring to come alongside and support at-risk children within local communities and families, our focus is people before projects. Our goal is to blend-in, not stand-out in communities. We focus on simple strategies rather than on cumbersome child-care models that, even in the West, we no longer utilize. As in many areas of life, simple things multiply while complex things break down and we envision simple child-care models that can multiply into the surrounding communities.

“…a little yeast works through the whole lump of dough.”

Our first goal when our Kenyan Social Worker assesses a child’s unique situation is to empower the local families within the local community to care for the child. Often the only hurdle to doing this are the costs associated with an extra mouth to feed. React’s trained Social Worker, Health Specialist and General Manager work together to come up with a support plan unique to that child and caregiver and then set one-year goals and regular coaching sessions to meet those goals. Regular gathered workshops and sessions both for the children and caregivers help network them and provide support as well as a sense of community for all involved. You can read more about our Home-Based Care Model HERE.

If, upon assessment, the health or well-being of a child is at a critical point, we may consider that child joining the Veronica Home. The Veronica Home is our second line of support that is considered when a child’s health is at a critical point because of HIV. Here the child can be stabilized through the support of our staff that are trained to care for the unique needs of HIV children not otherwise found in their local community. Find out more about the Veronica Home HERE.