$150 a month can give hope to a child with HIV.

When determining which children React should support, our trained Kenyan Social Worker, health specialist and General Manager make assessments of children within the local community. If possible, we prefer to support children within the community through our HBC model but if a child with HIV is found to be in critical health with inappropriate care, we do consider bringing them to the Veronica Home, a home designed to strategically care for the unique needs of HIV children. Here a critically sick HIV child has a better chance of stabilizing with proper medical attention, ARV intake and a healthy diet that boosts their weak immune systems. The dedicated house parents and staff nurture and care for these children in a Jesus-centered home where they also learn to grow in faith, love and trust. This home is named after a young girl we loved named Veronica who died of AIDS. Her brother still lives here with fifteen other children.

We are grateful for our Canadian Board Members, Phil and Rosemarie Broome for facilitating and constantly improving our systems at this home.

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