Mark Kamondi 
As manager and Kenyan director, Mark oversees each project and presently lives in the community near the Veronica Home with his wife, Laura, son Trevor and daughter Deborah. He is Baba to the ReACT children and a role model for all.


Emily and Emily 
These aunties devote themselves to raising healthy, balanced children at the Veronica Home. They establish a rhythm through their grassroots investment of time and energy.


Josephine (pictured above left)
Josephine, ReACT’s social worker, has a passion for orphans and vulnerable children. She carefully assesses and monitors each child’s situation. She is involved in each of ReACT’s programs and is committed to seeing all children thrive.


Issac, John and Ezekial are watchmen at the Veronica home and key players who create a safe environment. Their help around the compound is invaluable.


ReACT Board Member Bios

Michael and Manon Christensen


Michael's first time in Africa was in 2001 and he has since also spent time in Mozambique, South Africa, and Uganda as well as Kenya.  Michael and Manon stayed in Kenya between 2005 and 2006 when Manon did research for her Master's thesis in International Studies and studied the effect of AIDS on orphaned children. Michael spent that time overseeing the building of an orphanage.  Michael and Manon presently live in Canada where Manon teaches high school and Michael runs his own building business. The Christensens make regular trips to Kenya.


Kathryn Gray


Kathryn has visited ReACT's projects in Kenya twice with her two children, who she home schools.  Previous to the life of home education she worked in various inner city ministries in North America and Northern Ireland.  Kathryn currently lives in Canada and heads up her church's refugee sponsorship initiative and organizes Cahoots, a festival of faith and social justice.


Daniel Lipparelli


Daniel has been actively involved in working with nonprofit organizations for the past twenty years, serving in roles from volunteer, grant writer, and board president to executive director of Transformed International, based in Kenya.  Daniel lived in Kenya for eight years where his organization founded Veronica Home, which is now under the banner of ReACT.  He is currently serving as the Executive Director for the Edith Bishel Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Washington State, U.S.A.


Rosemarie Broome (Not Pictured)

Rosemarie’s was impacted by a trip to South Africa in 2009 and has made trips to our projects in Kenya since then with her husband Phil.  In Canada she is a full time administrator and book keeper and her gifting in this as well as health and nutrition have proved an asset in her on-site work with the Kenyan staff as well as ensuring our Canadian office is up to date. Rosemarie and Phil make regular trips to Kenya to work together with the staff and children there.


Phillip Broome


Phillip has been involved in missions in South Africa, fundraising for and doing maintenance at an orphanage, and has made trips to Kenya with his wife Rosemarie.  Phil has become a key person in our on-site training of staff. His knowledge of HIV health and nutrition continues to equip our Kenyan staff with the tools they need in serving the specific needs of the children they serve. Phillip fundraises for ReACT as part of the Chain Reaction Cycling Team.  He works as a petroleum mechanic and he and his wife Rosemarie live in Canada.