React’s goal is always to support children in the most culturally sensitive and cost-effective way possible given their unique situations. By preferring to come alongside and support at-risk children within local communities and families, our focus is people before projects. We prefer to blend in rather than stand out in communities. The simplicity fo the HBC model makes this model easily replicated.

“…a little yeast works its way through the whole lump…”

Our home-based care (HBC) model is a cost-effective and culturally-relevant means of helping children who are vulnerable or that have been orphaned. This simple approach involves coming alongside extended families who are willing and capable of caring for children who are vulnerable or who have been orphaned. Rather than removing children from their local communities and placing them into a more costly setting, they are cared for by grandparents or extended family.

ReACT’s staff include a trained Kenyan Social Worker, health specialist and a General Manager and they carefully assess each child’s unique situation. If a child has willing extended family in their home community to care for them but they lack the simple support needed to care for an extra mouth to feed, ReACT assists families with food and basic supplies. As well, React staff develop a year-by-year coaching plan to mentor caregivers and monitor the progress of each child and home. Regular gathered workshops and sessions both for the children and caregivers also help network them and provide support as well as a sense of community for all involved.

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