“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela

Special Education Sponsorship

By investing in special education, each child receives a quality education catered to his or her specialized needs. More importantly, students develop confidence, dignity and self-respect.

Children with disabilities in Kenya are most often very marginalized. Most deaf children in Kenya do not even share a common language with their parents since 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. In the majority of Kenyan culture, any disability is viewed not only as a handicap but more critically as a curse. Often deaf children are not even permitted to eat with their own families and many are subject to menial tasks such as carrying water while their siblings go on to public school. Many deaf children are abandoned entirely.

Although the Kenyan government has recently started funding primary schools, there is no public program for children who are deaf. Since 2005, ReACT has located and sponsored deaf children who have never had the opportunity to go to a specialized and recognized deaf primary school. Here they are provided with an education, a uniform, basic supplies, and room and board all for $250 (CAN) per year. Sponsoring a child with hearing impairment is an extremely cost-effective way to partner with a child and our 100% Pledge assures you that all donations will go towards their support.

Primary School children attend St. Anthony’s School for the Deaf in Webuye, Kenya, a school known for its quality education and professionalism and upon graduating, some continue with secondary education or a trade school. All continue with changed lives!

Donate to educate a child who is deaf.