simple, multipliable orphan care:

1. Home-based Care (HBC). Kenyan supporting Kenyans by reaching children who are orphaned in their local communities. Simple things multiply; complex things break down.

2. Special Education Sponsorship. $250 provides specialized education, uniforms, room and board for children who are deaf within a local, government recognized boarding school. A truly cost-effective and culturally relevant way to care for vulnerable children.

3. Veronica Home. Some children living with HIV have no other option than to be cared for in a home that caters to their urgent and unique needs. This is a place where they can grow physically and spiritually. This property and home came to us as a gift.

ReACT's role is unique in that our vision is to see local Kenyans leading and managing the work in country.  While we have a high value for accountability and ensuring finances are used responsibly, we do believe that Kenyans are in the best position to care for their own.  As a part of our vision to be cost-effective, ReACT is managed in North America by Canadian and American volunteers.