This most recent visit to Kenya was one of reunion and the continuation of precious friendship.  

ReACT is privileged to have on its Canadian board Daniel Lipparelli who lived in Kitale, Kenya for 8 years and was the founder of Veronica Home.  This February Daniel met Michael in Kitale so they could visit friends together, all of whom Daniel had not seen in 5 years.  

Daniel and Mark leading a training session

Daniel was touched to see how the children have grown and are living such healthy, happy lives.  He saw that the ReACT staff have rich relationships with each other and are thriving together.  "I was overjoyed to see how happy and healthy the children are! I was also blown away by the outstanding staff, seeing their dedication and love for each child. I am so thankful for Mark and his leadership!"  Probably most exciting for Daniel was seeing Mark Kamondi.  Mark is the Kenyan director of ReACT now, but Daniel has known him since he was a young teenager.  Daniel was a mentor to Mark and so is delighted to see how Mark has flourished.  It was a long-awaited reunion of two brothers.