As we reflect on 2017 we are grateful for so many things.  

Six-year-old Lawrence was welcomed to Veronica Home in poor health and is now thriving.

The Chain ReACTion cycling team raised over $20,000 for the work in Kenya.

For three years now we have focused on just three projects:  Veronica Home, Home-based Care and sponsorship for children who are deaf to go to a specialized school.  We are seeing each of these projects flourish and are confident that the decision to narrow the focus was a positive one.

We are celebrating ReACT's uniqueness:  The projects on the ground are managed entirely by a Kenyan team.  The role of the North American board is merely to come alongside the Kenyan team and to provide mentoring, support, and encouragement so that they can be empowered to do this good work.

Donations for 2017 must be received by December 20th so they can be processed before the Christensen's leave for Kenya.  Cheques should be made out to Assists Projects.  Our mailing address has changed, so please contact kathryn (at) reactkenya.com for the new address.