A Great Light

If I were to reflect on the past year for ReACT, I would summarize it by telling you of a story that has surfaced in the last 2 weeks relating to of one of our boys at the Veronica Home.


Each December, the children at the Veronica Home return home to extended family to celebrate Christmas and strengthen the ties with their local communities.  One such boy (that will remain nameless out of respect for his privacy) returned to his grandmother’s home about 2 weeks ago to find that he had just missed two funerals for two of his brothers.  Both had passed away from HIV, the very disease that took his sister’s life about 5 years ago as well as his parents’ lives before to that.  It is also the life sentence that brought him to us at the Veronica Home.  






About a month ago, this particular boy went for his regular analysis at a doctor that monitors each child’s HIV levels.  At this time, the doctor asked our staff,


“What have you been doing to this boy?!  Whatever it is, keep it up!”  


Apparently, the levels of his disease are low enough that the doctor does not need to see him for 3 months.  






A sharp contrast to the rest of his family.  


There is urgency to this work and there are many more children who need the hope that the Veronica Home brings.  Like Aaron, we can literally be the ones who “take fire from the altar and stand between the living and the dead” Numbers 16.


Rescued” is not too dramatic a word to be used when we describe what is happening with these children.  The years of “Restoration” at the Veronica Home are nothing short of miraculous as they are equipped to ultimately be “Released” back into their communities as a testimony of hope to all who know them.  


Light in a dark place.


“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”


Thank you for carrying the urgency of this vision with us in 2016.