I visited a friend today and while we chatted she gathered these eight eggs from the chicken coop in her yard and sent me home with them.  Tomorrow morning we will crack them open and their dark yellow buttery yolks will feed my family.  Having just received a recent email with news of the kukus (chickens) at Veronica Home I found myself thinking of the children there as I relished these little gifts.

Eggs are little powerhouses of nutrition, full of protein, vitamins and minerals.  And thanks to the kuku project the children are able to benefit from them regularly.

There are now 42 chickens and 40 chicks and the folks at Veronica have their eyes set on even more so they can be both eating and selling more eggs and more chickens.

Good nutrition is so important for children whose immune systems are compromised and we are so happy that they now have so many eggs available in their own yard.  Self-sustainability is also so important in the developing world and so we are happy to see such ingenuity playing out as the kuku project grows.