Sisters of Hope


Hope has found a home. It has almost been two years since Hope (not her real name) made her home at the Veronica Home.  This past week she had an operation on her one hand to rectify the damage her illness had done.  After several days she returned to her family at Veronica Home although further work is still required.

Hope is finding healing.

She has found a family...a home.

Hope has sisters and brothers that care for and love her.

Most of all, she is finding a Saviour that loves her unconditionally.

When our Kenyan team found her, her parents had passed away from HIV, and then her grandmother.  She was staying with a guardian and 6 other children in a slum, often without food and never with her medication.  She almost certainly would not be with us today if she did not transition to the Veronica Home.

Thank you for being  part of Hope's transformation and for helping write this chapter of her story.

There are many more stories waiting to be written.