Kings and Queens


Kings and Queens The rich of the world are not found in Hollywood.

I returned last week from staying two weeks at the Veronica Home in Kenya and it has reminded me that these children are some of the wealthiest of the earth...

Looking into the bright eyes of H after her last 18 months of transformation from the brink of death.

Listening to the laughter of two year old A as he chases M around the compound before they tumble onto each other into a heap of dust.

Seeing D’s face light up as he proudly tells you of his recent grade on an exam.

Hoisting M into the air and spinning him around to the sound of squeals of delight both from him as well as the 11 other children waiting for their turn.

All fighting, and mostly winning their battle with "the un-cureable".

The wealthy of the earth wash themselves out of a plastic pan of water and soap.

The rich use a pit latrine each day.

The rock stars of the earth do not have elaborate closets full of clothes.

They use kerosene lamps to do homework in the evenings.

No, you can’t find stories of the truly rich and famous in the Entertainment section.

I found them in a hidden place.

Like "treasure in a field".

And I realized that I was the rich one for having spent time with them.

The Kings and Queens of the earth.