Three-year-old boys

We are reeling here in Canada this week as we process the image of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, body limp and lifeless. We are ashamed and angered and full of sorrow. I have been glued to the radio these last two days waiting for someone to do something. My church applied to sponsor a Syrian family 5 months ago and we have done nothing but wait in these months since. As we wait the feelings of helplessness become more and more acute, and this week they are unbearable.

It is true that millions have been displaced these past four years and yet it seems this one image was needed to inspire the masses.

We just don't want to see dead three-year-old boys.

Two days ago we in Canada received word about another three-year-old who we'll call John. John was abandoned by his mother at the hospital, severely malnourished and HIV positive. Mark Kamondi says, "After seeing him my heart broke and I felt like crying." Mark decided that John would be welcomed into Veronica Home as the newest member of the family.

I am struck by how blessed we are to have someone on the ground in Kenya who is full of compassion, someone who acts, who recognizes the value of a tiny little life.

As I mourn the death of a little Syrian boy I never knew, I rejoice in the life of little John.