summer 2015 051
summer 2015 051

These (delicious!) cookies were shared amongst this year's cycling team as we met together for the first time. Of all of the photos that I could show you of our smiling faces or our bicycles or us in our jerseys I chose this one because it inspired me.

The woman who made these cookies is new to the ReACT scene. She came to our meet-and-greet BBQ not really knowing anyone, but having joined our cycling team because a neighbour told her about ReACT, who we are, and what we do.

This is how good things happen. People hear about something that excites them and decide they want to be part of it. They decide to get up in the mornings and ride their bicycles and they ask their friends and family for support and they bake ginger cookies for a BBQ where they don't know anyone.

And these people never really understand how encouraging it all is to the rest of us.