Divine Imagination

10834757_10152811326751084_2068198204_o"Live creatively friends!"…Galatians 6:1 MSG Each of us is called to use our time, talent and treasure in simple yet creative ways.

Thats because God Himself is incredibly creative. An Artist. If you have any doubt about that, just read Genesis 1.

When God asked Moses what was in his hand, Moses probably thought his shepherd's staff was the last thing that the Divine would use to do spectacular things with. I can imagine Moses saying, "Its just a stick…I've been a shepherd for 30 years" and if it were not for his respect, may have sarcastically continued "…what do you think it is?!".

Sometimes we are blind to the very things in our hands whether that is a hammer, a calculator, computer skills, a truck load of tools, a diaper or a bike. Whatever you find in your hand, it is no accident. Divine imagination is often the only missing ingredient to seeing the ordinary become extraordinary.

Today the two sisters pictured above saw the fulfilment of an idea they had last summer. Together with Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Elementary School in Hamilton, they planned today as a "dress down day" to raise awareness and funds on behalf of ReACT. On such days students make a donation to the specified charity, leave their school uniforms at home and wear casual clothes to school instead. Today the school traded an "ordinary" day and made it "extraordinary". As I write this, I am encouraged by the awareness and funds that will be raised to support the children ReACT cares for in Kenya, but even more so, I am encouraged by this school that today reflected the Genesis 1 creativity of God. Thank you to the students, staff and all who took part!

Divine imagination transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What is that in YOUR hand?