Centurion Ride for ReACT 2014

P9143949 Incredible.

This past weekend, ReACT had a team of ten cyclists led by Tim and Brenda Gordon that rode to raise funds for the children of ReACT. With pouring rain on Saturday and cooler temperatures all weekend, it was challenging for all on both days regardless of distances and times. Sunday's ride was a 50 mile course that crossed the Escarpment of the Blue Mountains and Beaver Valley with a vertical climb amounting to 903m. The team of ten cyclists rode along with over 1,500 other riders on a course that challenged even the of best riders. As challenging as the ride over the Escarpment was, a challenge perhaps even more daunting was the task of raising funds for this project. In the end, the riders not only faced this head on but also generously exceeded our original goal of $10,000. When all was said and done, as much work as it was to both ride and raise funds, ReACT ended up with an incredible amount of $14,615 that will go towards our annual operating costs.

Manon and I have often looked at each other in the past few weeks with looks of amazement and with thankful hearts. We remember well talking earlier this year wondering how our budget would be met this year since giving had been low and would not carry through the year as it has in the past. This work is bigger than us and we are grateful for the riders, the sponsors and especially for Tim and Brenda Gordon and the passion they put into this event throughout the past year.

Along with the exposure of our ReACT jerseys, we also had a booth set up for both days at the event. Not only that but one of our Team Members, Tim Szauter made it onto CTV News sports Sunday evening with a nod to his "classic" bicycle and gear. You can see that coverage here…


Thank you to all participants and sponsors for the role you played in making this event such a success. To Tim and Brenda, how can we thank you for dreaming this whole thing up?! I am humbled and grateful for friends like you in my life that both encourage and challenge. When God asked Moses at one point, "what is that in your hand?", all he had was a shepherd's staff but it was used to do the supernatural. Tim and Brenda, thank you for answering the same question and letting God use your bicycles! Most of all, we are grateful for a God that loves to use the ordinary to do the extraordinary.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...





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What is that in YOUR hand?