Four Days

In four days we take to the roads of Blue Mountain. Some of us are riding because we love to ride, love the feel of the wind in our faces and the burn of our muscles as they cry out. Some of us have never ridden like this before and are nervous, wondering how we'll complete such a challenging course.

All of us are riding because we believe in the work of ReACT. We believe in our friends in Kenya and in their future.

As I have been training on my bike this week I have been surprised to often find myself welled up with tears. In those moments I am picturing myself doing something completely new to me - riding on an open road in a pack of cyclists, climbing unforgiving hill after unforgiving hill. I see all the friends and family who have generously given their support and I feel as though they are riding alongside me. Mostly, images of Kenya are flashing before me: the red earth, the banana trees, the smiling faces.

And when I picture all of those things the tears start to roll and I put my head down and I push harder, harder. Friends of ReACT, I am riding for all of us.