Ride for ReACT

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt's less than one month to our fundraising ride at Blue Mountain. There are 10 people riding on our team and each of us is getting ready in our own way!

Here is the description of the ride according to the organizers: Located in the Blue Mountain Village, riders will enjoy the scenery and the challenge that the incredible courses present. Containing a series of relentless rollers, the courses begin at the base of the legendary Niagara Escarpment along the shores of Georgian Bay. This sharp and steep elevation differential will serve as a prime hurdle to test all riders.

This past Saturday, with winds and rain, there were five of us that conquered the 88km route and 930 vertical meters of hills to see what we were up against in our ride one month from now. To say that it was a gruelling ride is an understatement! We were privileged to have Steve Fleck (Centurion's announcer and professional rider) along with his wife Paolina (who won the Centurion hill climb of the past three years straight!) with us to offer their support on this Saturday's ride. The events of the day made for a real team bond with stories that we will never forget! As this event approaches, we are increasingly excited and incredibly grateful for the work that Tim and Brenda have put into this event.

Here are a few snaps of this past Saturday's practice run of the C50...



Dry clothes, warm meal, we did it!

There is still plenty of time to sponsor. Here is a list of those of us riding and you can choose an individual page or the team page. So far we've raised over $5,000 and are well on our way to reaching our goal of $10,000!