Live Creatively!

2014-08-09 07.10.08"Live creatively, friends!…" Galatians 6:1 (MSG)

Creativity goes so much farther than just art or music.

A truckload of beds arrived yesterday at the Veronica Home. A Canadian donor was creative in how they raised funds for this and today we see his creativity at work! As a salesman for a mobility network, he was able to donate expired phones and sell them to raise funds for these beds. We are SO grateful for this!

We have another friend that has a passion for cycling. He thought, "how can I marry my love for cycling and raising funds for ReACT?" He decided to organize our Centurion Cycling event that occurs in another month. As a result, over $4,000 has been raised to date because of creativity and thinking outside the box!

I know a special 10 year old girl that put a proposal forward at her school principal at the end of this last year. Her proposal at this Catholic School was to have a "dress down" day at this school. Such a day is promoted as a fund raiser and students can forgo their usual uniforms for a day if they donate $2 toward the given cause. This ten year old just found out about a month ago that her proposal was accepted! In this upcoming school year, a whole school will be collecting and raising funds for ReACT as a result of a 10 year old girl's creativity!

God said to Moses when He called him..."What is that in your hand?" It was Moses' shepherd's staff; just an ordinary tool he used each day but when put into God's hands, it performed the miraculous!

What's that in YOUR hand?