Here are some pictures and an email that I recently received from Mark in Kenya. Mark is our full-time Kenyan manager that helps oversee the work on the ground in Kenya...

"This is two year old Samuel, the latest and last addition to the Veronica Home. Samuel was abandoned in the district hospital by his mother. The mother left him in the ward of the hospital after discovering he was HIV positive. When I heard that he was abandoned because of HIV, my heart was broken. I remembered what the Psalms that say, "that though your father and mother may forsake you yet I will not". Since we are serving kids that are on Anti-viral drugs we decided to take Samuel under the Children's Department's supervision.

The Veronica Home has an ultimate capacity of 15 children, and so we know that the house parents will be able to manage them. At this time, we also have an "Auntie" that comes to help with household chores through the week and this ensures that there is none that are over worked. We have realised that the needs are more than what we have at the moment. Our vision as ReACT Kenya is to add a second home using the same model as the Veronica Home to help more kids. Will you pray and trust God for this in His time?

If anyone would like to sponsor Samuel or the part-time Auntie that helps care for the children, please contact us as we trust God for their support.

We want to thank God so much for our partners that have stood with us to serve this children. To those that are willing to partner with us you are such a blessing! Love you all God bless you and bless your heart.

Shalom, Mark"