House Parents Video

ReACT has been working with Martin and Ruth Shikuku for several years and we are so thankful as we see where they are today in comparison with where they have come from. As we consider their present position, we wanted to present to you, our partners, one need there at the home that is key for their success. As Martin and Ruth do all that is needed to care for all aspects of their home, their effectiveness would be greatly multiplied if there were partners willing to sponsor two sets of house parents for these children. At their new facility, there are two dorms that will naturally transition this home into two joined families. These families, if they are run effectively by house parents much like the Veronica Home, would thrive and put Martin and Ruth into more of a management role. Sponsoring new house parents effectively means sponsoring a whole household!

Below is a short video presenting this need in front of the new dorms filmed back in April 2014. Please remember this need as many of you pray for the children of this home! house parents.