This is Hope (not her real name). I just received this email from Mark in Kenya this morning…

"Bro mike,

Last week we talked to mary and Nuann concerning a girl called "Hope"! She is a total orphan (both parents are deceased) and she is on medication. My biggest concern was to save her so that she can not die! She is so weak at the moment and she is sickly because of lack of proper food and she is on ARVs. I will send her photo. We are going to save her life by bringing her over to the Veronica Home! If anyone is willing to sponsor her, I will really appreciate that. I will write her full story, but am sending her pictures.

Hope is a total orphan, her mother died of HIV positive. She was staying with the granny in Tuwan slum and later on the granny passed away last year with the same disease! She was left in the hands of her guardian who has six kids of her own. You understand being in the slum means sometimes no food! Hope had to take medicine with food but she is without food and thus is growing weak.

I will be moving her to Veronica Home, for her to have a place she can call home. We do not want to see Hope die. If any one is willing to partiner with us in sponsoring Hope, you are welcome.

May the Abba bless your heart. Mark" I read this email this morning and realized how trivial our Western problems are and how much we can do here to help the many like Hope.

Children at the Veronica Home live in a wonderful home environment with House Parents (Joseph and Eunice), attend the local school, receive food as well as the regular medication and doctor's attention that is required for them to survive. All this costs us about $100/month (CAN) per child. We visited the Veronica Home this past April and were deeply impressed with how well the existing 12 children are doing here. This is a fresh chance at life for Hope!

The reality is that there are many like her that we want to sponsor but we still lack sponsors for the existing children we care for. Our prayer is that many would step up and sponsor our existing children so that we could also expand and reach many more like Hope.

If $100 per month is too much, please consider sponsoring a deaf child at a local boarding school costs $250 for a uniform, books, room and board for the entire year!

If anyone would like to be Hope's sponsor or sponsor another child in one of our projects, please email michael@reactkenya.com.

To all our existing partners, we are humbled and grateful to serve with you. We cannot help children like Hope without your generosity.

Remember that Jesus hides Himself in children like these!