As a deaf girl, she did not have the opportunity that the average child did for education and a future. Several years ago Martin and Ruth Shikuku looked for an opportunity to direct Carolyn and give her an opportunity. With the support of sponsors, she was able to join a trade school with the hopes of learning to sew and ultimately begin her new business. At the end of 2013, we were thrilled to hear that Carolyne had graduated from several years of training with good marks.

In the beginning of 2013, Ruth Shikuku began a sewing shop and hired a woman with experience to do the sewing there. In Kenya, many people use a seamstress to produce their clothes, especially when schools require uniforms for the children to attend a particular school. This past April, we were so pleased to be able to visit Carolyne where she now works in Ruth's shop under the guidance of her new mentor. Here she works with the new sewing machine that was purchased for her. To know where she came from and to see her today working a trade and moving towards being self-sustaining was a true blessing.

The shop is full of colourful, hanging fabrics along with completed school uniforms, men's dress shirts, and women's skirts. Carolyne is able to live with the Shikuku's just a short walk from the main road where the shop sits along with fruit stands, butcheries, and mobile phone outlet. It is a busy strip and Ruth is hopeful about the income this new venture can generate.

One of our goals with the disabled children is to see exactly what we have seen with Carolyne. A successful graduate moving into the work force with a healed heart, a supportive community around them and the chance to become a contributor to their communities. In addition to that, we are excited about seeing the small businesses that Martin and Ruth are growing in the move towards being self-sustained.

Thank you for playing a part in this transformation!