In Kenya they say "Pa moja", interpreted "As one".

Reaching African Children Together.

Here we are. Kitale, Kenya. I am here with friend Michael Smele, Kathryn Gray and her two children Joseph and Anna as we meet with our Kenyan Leadership Team to reflect on the past year and look forward to the months to come.

Each of us is only a piece of the puzzle.

Each of us has a unique role to play.

Together, we can go further than we could ever go alone.

We have many alliances here in Kenya with the understanding that we can do more together than we ever could as a single Community Based Organization (CBO).

For example…

-Sean and Meredith have been a part of our Leadership Team for the past 14 months. They have a ministry called O5M but know the value of working together.

-Our Home Based Care (HBC) program works solely with community members in caring for local community children.

-The disabled and deaf children we support is in partnership with schools that specialize in their particular needs.

-Martin and Ruth Shikuku have their own vision and ministry that ReACT simply helps support while they provide the vision and direction for their home of almost 50 children.

-You, our partners, encourage us all and support these projects so that children can know Jesus and have an opportunity that they never would without you.

Each of us play a vital role. Each of us is only a cog in the wheel. Together, we can accomplish more than any of us could ever do alone.

"The horse is made ready for the day of battle but the battle belongs to the LORD."

Each of us have our role but even that is not enough. We recognize our need for the Divine in all we do and we are mindful of it especially here. Divine togetherness. Like pedals on a bicycle working in tandem, both are needed. Like a symphony of music under the direction of the Divine Conductor.

Please pray for our Team in the coming weeks as we listen, assess and determine direction for the coming year. We sincerely depend on each person doing their part as we are also dependant on the Divine doing what only He can.


Pa moja.