Advent has just begun. There are Christmas lights up on my street, the parties that everyone wants to cram in before the holidays have begun, and I'm wondering what little sweets I'm going to try baking this year. I am also feeling a strange longing, a remembering almost. For as lights and parties tell me it's time to make chocolates and think about presents, they also remind me of something else I once did at this time of year.

Five years ago I travelled to Kenya with Michael, Manon, their daughter and my two children. It was a formative trip in my children's lives and all these years since they have been begging me to return. We were impacted by the lovely, warm people (not to mention the lovely, warm weather!) and by the creative ways in which people were making their lives better.

Five years later I continue to be impacted by stories I heard and things I saw, and so I am going to join Michael in sharing words and photos here.