Autumn 2013

As usual, we have much to be thankful for.

Pictured above is Mark, our full-time Kenyan manager with Naiomi at her home. Mark and Anne do monthly food drops at various homes where children are supported in local families instead of being cared for in a completely new setting. Here the children are cared for in the local community with either family or friends of the family. The second picture shows Jacklyne from the Muungano Home standing beside some of the food that was dropped off this month.

I am honestly incredibly grateful for the many donors that faithfully send funds monthly to make this happen. Children's lives are being changed because of some generous and faithful donations that happen regularly. Each month, I (Michael) open mail, register donations and deposit the cheques that many of you send. Each month, I thank God for you, our partners in doing this work.

Mark and I talk on the phone between Kenya and Canada typically for about 90 minutes every week or two. Mark keeps me posted on progress and how the children are doing. Anne sends regular reports as well. Monthly, our Kenyan Leadership Team meets to discuss various matters as well as pray together. Together, we do everything we know to do but still we feel so dependant upon the work of the Holy Spirit to guard our backs and lead us forward. "The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the battle belongs to the Lord." We must work and do what we know to do but we desperately need the Divine in all we do. We cannot do this alone!

Thank you for your faithfulness!