Five Loaves and Two Fish

As I put my daughter to bed last night, I read the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of 5,000 people with a little boys lunch. I read it as though Jesus took Elia's pink lunch box that she brings to school and fed, not just her whole classroom or school, but all the schools in Barrie from it. She was incredulous that Jesus did a similar thing in the Bible! The key, I said, was that we have to surrender what we have to Jesus first...the boy could have selfishly held onto his lunch and really missed out being a part of what God was doing in his neighbourhood.

This morning, I received a very encouraging email from Mark Kamondi, one of the full-time Kenyan staff on the ground. I couldn't help but think again of last night's story. God loves to surprise us...He really does know what we need!

"The entire family of Veronica are so greatful to God for his provision to us. Actually we lack words on how we can thank him fully. He knows exactly what we need. Yesterday (Monday) the people from Kenya seed company donated twenty bags of Maize and two bags of Millet to the Veronica Home. We are not going to buy maize for about ten month to come as a result! They have heard what we are doing, and they have been going around to homes, so Veronicah was among them because is a special home.

I want to thank our ReACT director and the leadership team in Kenya for all they are doing for the growth of ReACT. May our good God bless you richly. Shalom. Bro mark kamondi."

God continues to surprise us this year! We are richly blessed and humbled to all be playing a part in caring for these children. You may be tempted to think that the role you play is insignificant, but remember the fish and bread. Keep surrendering what you have into the hands of a wonderfully mysterious God!