Pressing On, Moving Ahead! Spring Projects 2013

We have much to be grateful for!

Since Dave and I left Kenya this past winter, we have been so aware and conscious of so many required needs to move ahead with many projects. This is not a plea for funds, rather, I write this to encourage everyone involved at God's faithfulness just in the past number of months since we left.

One of the needs that our team outlined was for a "jiko" for the Veronica Home. A jiko is a Kenyan stove that burns wood or maize husks. This stove integrates a removable stainless steel pot (or pots) into the top of the stove that is used for cooking. There is a proper chimney that vents the smoke and fumes out of the building. To many, this may seem like a luxury but in Kenya, cooking indoors with the smoke of a fire is an extremely unhealthy way for a household filled with children to live. This past April, a donation was made by some very generous Canadian friends that put a jiko into the Veronica Home. The family feels SO richly blessed and we humbly thank our North Bay friends for this very generous gift! (The pic below is an example of a jiko...)

This same group from North Bay also recently donated enough funds to complete a large Kenyan hut. This hut is on the property of the Veronica Home and was started over one year ago. This hut has stood unfinished for many months and was listed by our Kenyan Leadership Team as a priority project given the fact that the weather was having damaging effects on the half-finished hut. This hut presently serves as storage but is large enough to serve as a new home for the boys of the Veronica Home. As the boys age and enter their teens, it is critical to separate the boys and girls and give them the space they require as they develop. Completing this hut is such a gift to these children! This work is presently underway and we hope to have it completed in the coming month or so. Thank you North Bay!! (The half completed hut can be seen in the first picture on the right hand side.)

If that was not enough, we have been blessed to have a team from Newmarket, Ontario donate a greenhouse for use by the Veronica Home as well as the Neema School. The Stawskis are long-term supporters of these children and they will be travelling to Kenya at the end of June with the pictured greenhouse in tow! The greenhouse will be set up by the Stawskis and will be on site of the Veronica Home for a period of two years. This project will enable the children and home to produce food year round. We have seen the benefits of greenhouses in Kenya with local friends that have become financially independent because year-round food production generated such a high yield. While we know this will not enable the Veronica Home to become financially independent, we are excited knowing that this will help the children learn gardening as well as increase the productivity of the home. While none of these projects have been solicited for, we are incredibly encouraged at the vision that so many of you carry for this work! Thank you for remembering ReACT in prayer and caring for these children in practical ways. "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!" Matthew 25:40