Kiminini Family

The following is a report from Anne our full-time Kenyan social worker. She will be highlighting a different family each month for us on our web site to keep these faces and families in front of you. What a blessing Anne and Mark are to this work! The Kiminini family is one of the Home Based Care families that ReACT took over sponsoring this year and we are so blessed to be able to do so! Thank you SO much to our sponsors and those of you who stand so faithfully with us in caring for these children!

"This is kiminini family which has come a long way and thanks be to the almighty God. The children you see in the picture were very young as we took them to the program. The two beautiful girls were in class one and now they are in grade 7. The boy in yellow i cant imagine the lord preserved his life. He is the boy that in HIV positive in the home but he has healed and only using medicine to the minimal. At some point we thought we would bring him to Veronica home but he has amazed us on how he has been improving every day. He is in class one (grade one) and looking at his book he does not have any wrong in his work. Lord we praise you for Benard. The girls are Lucia and Maureen. Blessings Anne"