Rainy Season

Everyone is healthy again!

This may be an odd thing to start a blog with, but in Kenya, especially during the rainy season, illness is common and all too often has detrimental effects on its citizens. The last few months found various children sick with colds, flu and malaria. Derick from the Veronica Home was admitted to hospital with both malaria as well as pneumonia. After a week or so at the hospital and proper treatment, Derick was able to return home and today is healthy again.

Derick is well today because of the quick-thinking and observant parents and leaders around him. Personally, I am so grateful for a team on the ground in Kenya that know the symptoms and are quick enough to get the medical help these children need. Too many either do not have the funds for medical attention or are not aware of the urgency when malaria is contracted. Many people die yearly from malaria when it can be treated for less than $10. Please pray for these children and their caregivers that God would continue to give them health and strength!