Naomi Samantha, free at last

On Tuesday, a dear girl left this earth like a caged bird set free.

Naomi was a beautiful girl that I spent some time with just a month ago. She lived with Martin and Ruth Shikuku in their home where there are about 40 children cared for on a daily basis. It was clear that Naomi's health was deteriorating as I sat on her bed, Naomi drooling and crippled up into a ball as I said to Rayel that she wouldn't be here for long.

Naomi was initially found by some street boys in Eldoret, Kenya about 7 years ago, abandoned by the river, no doubt because of her disabilities. She was brought to the Police and then the Children's Department but as time went on it was clear that no one would be coming to look for her. After some time, Martin and Ruth Shikuku were asked if they would consider taking care of her and they agreed to do their best. It was estimated that Naomi was almost 8 years old at the time putting her maximum age at 15 years old.

This should have been the prime of her life.

Ruth would tell me how she would often wake the entire house up in the night with her moaning and crying out but that everyone in the family simply accepted this as a natural rhythm of the home. As I asked Ruth about her state, she told me that Naomi was deeply loved here.

The least of the earth perhaps, but loved deeply by her heavenly Papa.

We were honoured to know her.

One day, we will dance together with the real she was meant to be. What a hope we have! Her cage has been opened!