Not long ago, I received the above letter accompanied by a donation for ReACT. Of course, I kept the letter, not just because it was written by my nine year old niece but also the reminder it is to me of a few things that I need constant reminding of in being a part of change with any cause.

First, change happens through intentional and deliberate action. Annika had a cause that was close to her heart but didn't just think nice thoughts about the kids of Kenya. She schemed and planned how she was going to be involved despite the fact that she wasn't old enough to have a "job". She didn't just think "pie-in-the-sky" but she married her faith with action.

Second, involvement should be creative. Annika not only took initiative but was creative in how she would be involved. In the end, she used the gifts she had to further a cause by making necklaces and selling them. Remember the boy with the fish and bread? Jesus loves to use the normal, everyday things that we find in our hands. In the book of Exodus, Moses carried a staff where ever he went and I'm sure that when God asked him "whats that in your hand". Moses probably never even considered that his "kick stand" would be a key ingredient in setting a whole nation free. Have you considered that the everyday item in your hand may be the very thing God wants to use as a catalyst for change? A dirty diaper? A hammer? A vacuum? The hand of your grandchild? Whatever it is, be creative and imagine how God wants to use it to implement change in the things you are passionate about.

Third, no effort is too small. In our culture, $105 may not seem like much but the "little" that Annika earned, saved and gave is enough to support a handicapped child for half of a year in a boarding school in Kenya. A nine year old girl was intentional and creative enough that a child across the planet is benefiting with education, uniform, room and board for half of the school year! Jesus loves to take the fish and bread we have in our lunch, and use it miraculously.

Whats that in your hand?