The Good Life

Life here in the Great White is good.

Sometimes, too good.

We recently moved into a new home that we really like in a neighbourhood we really like. I have a new business that is going well and I find it challenging. My wife is all a guy could want and my two chicklets (Elia and Anna) are real treasures. Our parents live in town and they are healthy and well. When life is good, its just too easy to just hunker down and hold on (as seen below).

You see, I've been finding myself a little too comfortable here and enjoying life but so much of this comfort subtly drives away any urgency to both local and global needs.

I recently read the story of the rich man who built bigger barns to store all the grain that was coming his way. The guy had the corner on the market and was simply reaping the benefits of hard work, opportunities that came his way, and was capitalizing with a good retirement plan. Whats wrong with that? Well, JC never condemned this dude for having things go his way nor for making some good money. If he had taken on an aesthetic attitude he still would have missed the point. I don't believe that the issue is "rich versus poor". Proverbs shows us that there are really four categories, not two. It paints a picture of both the rich wise man as well as the rich fool. We also see a poor but wise man as well as a poor fool. The issue is not "rich versus poor", but rather "wise or foolish". The thing the rich man in JC's story was condemned for (to hell, I might add!) was that he thought all this goodness coming his way was so that his life would become easy and comfortable. He built reservoirs instead of seeing his resources as a channel.

I think, if we are all honest, we are all like this least I know I am. I hate to say it but my time, talent and treasure is sucked up into self preservation without even thinking about it. I feel as though there is so much padding between myself and the needs around me; padding that makes me feel so little compassion these days. Its a struggle to keep primary visions primary and not pursue secondary visions at their expense. I am not always, actually, I am rarely as deliberate and focussed in my pursuit of God and the justice He is looking for as I perhaps think I am. It means being deliberate.

Its time to make some hard choices.

On purpose.