Vampires and Zombies

I am always encouraged by ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. Remember the story of the boy with bread and fish? The snotty nosed kid whose mom was the only one to remember to pack him a lunch but an ordinary lunch somehow fed 5,000 men because Jesus came his way. Crazy story, eh?

Remember the dude, Moses, who when standing in front of a burning tree heard a Voice that seemed to come out of the flames that said, "What's that in your hand?" Just a walking stick, right? Of course, he was just a sheppard. But Bigger Hands wanted his sweaty stick to part seas, swallow snakes, turn water to blood and, most importantly, deliver men from slavery. Bizzare if you ask me. (Whats with all the fascination about vampires and zombies when the Ghost might just show up?)

These guys were not looking for something extraordinary to put their hand to. They were just going through their day doing what they always did when God blindsided them, took them off guard and made "just another day" something to blog about. God's initiative in their lives, not just clever scheming.

Check out this short Vid. I'm shamed but inspired by people like Narayanan who simply do the right thing. Doing justice where we are with what we have in our hands.

What's that in your hand?

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