Primary and Secondary Vision

We are all made to carry both primary and secondary visions for our lives. For each of us the combination of these is as diverse as each snowflake. We are, as Eugene Peterson says, to "live creatively" with what God has given us and blend both our primary and our secondary visions the way a blender mixes ingredients for something more tastey than any single ingredient.

While primary vision always looks different for each of us depending on the creativity of our Creator, there is one trait that is consistant. It is always larger than the pursuit of self.

Secondary visions are the time, talent and treasure we've each been given. On their own, they are only self-serving and self-preserving. Its the career, the job, the possessions and gifting we've developed and have been created with. With this time, talent and treasure, we are constantly given the choice to use it for our own self preservation or for a greater vision. Will these secondary things serve a higher vision?

Without a primary vision, the secondary always wins by default. This is evident when, say, our career dominates everything or our dream house is all we think about. Perhaps that training as a teacher is seen only as a means to an end instead of a means to bring life change to children. It may be the accumulation of wealth "for retirement" before any thought is given for the needs around us. Either way, our culture is dominated by the pursuit of secondary visions all too often lacking a primary vision to lead the way.

What if we took the time to really imagine what we could do with what is in our hands? What if we did as the Message says in Galatians and "lived creatively" with our time, talent and treasure? What if we were determined to use these things for higher pursuits instead of the illusion of self-preservation?

I am amazed to witness so many selfless people coming to Kenya from the US to blend their secondary and primary visions for the children of JoHaBeTo. For all of July and August, upwards of close to 100 people are both raising funds and travelling to Kenya to labour and give of what they have to provide a new home for the children of Soy. You can keep track of their adventures at

What role does your secondary vision have in serving the primary, higher calling God is painting for you?