June 2010

We are pleased and excited to announce that a long-coming page to our web-site has just been added! It's called "Faces" and connects you with many of the children sponsored at either the Deaf School or the Handicapped School. Our hats are tipped to our good friends at Transformed International again for their incredible acts of service as they put all this together on a volunteer basis.

All the children sponsored are not represented here and so we decided not to assign individual children to individual sponsors for this year...it would leave too many left out. Instead, we are asking you to click on the names shown (keep clicking!) to download a single page complete with a name, picture, and some information to get you better acquainted with the faces behind the work. Print and post the page in a well-travelled location of oyur home or office so that you can remember to pray for the children at a grass roots level.

We are ever mindful of your continued support and encouragement in this work. Without your partnership, we could not "Reach African Children Together". On behalf of the children, we say "asante"!