Johabeto Update, April 2010

Well, well, well...Here is a piece of exciting news for those of you following our Johabeto project. This coming summer, for all of July and August, there are 4 teams of volunteers travelling to Kenya to construct a new home that will be directed by our good friend Martin and Ruth Shikuku. As you can see from the pictures the well on the new property is being constructed and will be ready for the teams to use during the construction. It will be 30 feet deep when all is done with plenty of water starting at only 15 feet deep. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Barrie for funding this work. They have sponsored various projects for us this year and for this we are very grateful.

We are also incredibly thankful for our American friends that have raised the funds for both the parcel of land for this new home as well as the materials. Wow! They are arranging the teams for 2 weeks each to go and physically construct this new home. All of July and August are booked for this and teams will be hosted by our wonderful friends at Transformed International in beautiful Kitale, Kenya! For anyone interested, there may still be room to join a team.

The talented Jim Weick from south of the border has also constructed a model of the proposed home. You can check this out below. We are pleased at how progress is being made on this project. Much preliminary work is being accomplished as the property has been fenced, the rear of the land has been planted with maize and a storage shed has been constructed for use by the teams coming this summer.

Thanks to all that are making these projects a success!