City of Blinding Lights

img_6308-1 "A city on a hill cannot be hidden."

We are all a part of a city whether we know it or not. We are all building something whether we are conscious of it or not. Its not that what we are building should be visible, but that it cannot be helped but be visible. What comes to mind when someone mentions "Las Vegas" or "Rome"? Perhaps you have never visited, but you know of these places and their reputations. Africa is known as "the Dark Continent". A place of poverty, corruption and suffering. It is here that we pray that the Light of another City shines brightly, making a noticable difference. A difference that is visible on an personal level but perhaps not globally for generations to come. But always visible. Never hidden.

Like a city on a hill, our first-ever blog is posted for all to see. We are pleased that you are taking the time to pay a visit to our updated website. Our hope in revising this site is that we can better keep our friends and sponsors updated on progress and change by giving updates and news as it happens.

Many of us have seen the daily struggles of third-world orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) as we casually flick through the TV channels, but too few have realised the hidden riches that these children also possess. Kid sisters like Faith and Eunice are healing wonderfully (as seen above) in the Juma home after their parents were violently killed in the clashes of 2008. Deaf twins like Allan and Brian whose contageous smile and sheer delight at the prospect of an education, despite their dark history, would make all of us feel blessed. We want these lives to be like well-lit cities instead of the dark shanties they once were. These stories should be told with lots of noise and neon lights.

And so we welcome you to pay us a visit. Come into this place and explore it's streets. Find a corner that you can call home either here with us or with another community and become a part of the larger city even as we too are finding our place as a part of the larger city. In 2009, our partners rose to the occasion and sponsored 102 children through our various projects and as we look already to 2010, the needs are overwhelming. Already we have had 134 potential new physically and mentally-challenged students come knocking as they look for a place to settle in this corner of town for the next school year. There is room for growth. There is still much to be done.

Join us in our journey as we all look and march to a much larger, brighter City.